Can I learn piano on a keyboard?

Many students ask me if you can use the lessons to
learn the keyboard. The answer is absolutely! The piano and
keyboard have the same notation structure. The only difference is
in the weight of the keys and obviously, how many keys there are.

If you are using a keyboard for learning, then I recommend at least
61 keys and touch sensitivity. Touch sensitivity, sometimes also called
touch response, allows you to control the volume of each of the keys that
you play by playing it hard or soft. (Just like on a piano.)

I hope you are enjoying the lessons and making progress!



  1. says

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  2. jayne-lynn Rogers says

    I have a casio song bank keyboard (CTk-491)
    my keyboard has 61 keys but no tuch tone, and my
    songs sound loud.

    what can i do about this???

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