Looking for Your Free Piano Lessons?

Our  free piano lesson program has expanded to a complete full membership course – FREE!

Watch Video to see a Preview of Your Free Membership!

  • 57 Weekly Assignments…
  • Incremental and easy to understand!
  • Interactive, Online Lessons
  • Video clips to ensure success!
  • Beginner – Advanced Concepts
  • Chords, Rhythm and Scales
  • Correct Fingering and much more!

57 Weekly Assignments – Delivered to you every week for over a year in an email. The email will remind you to practice and let you know which lessons are available to use in your membership area.

Incremental and easy to understand – Lessons build upon the previous lesson making it easy to follow and understand. The reason it’s hard to piece together free lessons that are found in unrelated sources is because they are single concepts that depend on previous concepts learned.

Interactive, Online Lessons – Lessons are all online and interactive with video, audio and music illustrations. You will need to have good internet connection to be able to enjoy this free opportunity.

Video clips to ensure success! – Video footage is important part of checking to see if you are doing it right! There is even live raw footage of someone in their learning process

Beginner – Advanced Concepts – Concepts learned start you from basic beginner all the way to advanced intermediate. 90 percent of all pianists fall in this category of playing piano. So, you can stop here and it would be all you need!

Chords, Rhythm and Scales – Theory is introduced as needed making it easy to apply and learn how to structure chords, count rhythm and play scales! Take the mystery out of these concepts for good!

Black Notes: Sharps and Flats – Ever wonder what the black keys are for and when to play them? Wonder no more…

Correct Fingering and much more! – Everything can’t be listed here, but one of the most frustrating aspects about playing the piano is getting the fingers to move smoothly! Correct fingering is the key and you will learn this and more.

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