"These piano lessons are unbelievably easy and the amazing part is the extraordinary student support system...
I love this program!"

~David Jennings, USA~


Lessons with my Grandma

It's never too late to learn!

These videos are special to me. My grandma is 88 and will be 89 in February 2009. The time that I am spending with her now, and sharing with you are precious moments and my way of telling her I love her. I hope you enjoy the lessons, and getting to know my beautiful grandma.

We will be using the actual free lesson material, so feel free to view these lessons for learning value for yourself as well. The learning process is different for each person, so keep in mind that these videos are moving in a very slow pace, and over a weekly time span.

Please feel free to progress at the speed that fits you best... no need to wait a week for Grandmas next lessons. ~smile~

Follow Grandma through the Free Lessons

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Grandma is done with the free lessons!

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A Note From Miss Lisa

Starting piano lessons?

Playing piano is an exciting new adventure and I am thrilled that you chose me to be your online piano teacher! ~smile~

I want to welcome you to my home online. As a special guest, I invite you to claim your free piano lessons by entering your email address, (which is safe in my house), and start playing some fun melodies right away!

Remember to make time every day to play the piano, at least 10 minutes!~smile~

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have but most of all, have fun with these amazing piano lessons!

Your teacher,

Miss Lisa