1. It Relieves Stress

Its a well known fact that  piano soothes the soul… but it also acts as a stress buster. Even if you squeeze in a few minutes of practice in your busy day, it can lower the blood pressure and make you feel much more positive.

2. Stimulates the Brain, improving Neural Connections.

Scientific studies show that music stimulates the brain in a way that no other activity does. Playing a musical instrument like piano adds new neural connections developing some higher thinking skills in the brain. These improved neural connections contribute to quicker problem solving, improved memory, executive skills and more.

3. It stimulates the growth hormones

The Human Growth Hormones or HGH in the human body has been found to have increased in those who play the piano. These growth hormones keep a person energetic and prevent issues like body ache and pain in the old age. Studies showed that students who took keyboard lessons had increased levels of human growth hormones than those who did not.

And of course there are many other benefits including the most obvious…

Boosts Concentration Skills like no other activity on earth!

Piano requires using both your hands and 10 fingers doing different things simultaneously!  It might feel impossible to do at first, but Gradually, the art of split concentration becomes easier and easier.  Thus, your concentration skills get developed, making you sharper throughout all areas of your life.


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