PianoPlus SuperSupportSystem


Unprecedented Support… For your success!
Course: Receive everything in the Original PianoPremium Course plus everything below!
Plus: Weekly Lesson Plan : Step by step weekly plan on what to practice during the week. Use this to gage your progress, based on minimum amount of practice to progress. You will know immediately if you are on track, or need to catch up! Exclusive only to the PianoPlus SuperSupportSystem.
Plus: Ask a Student Program: A program where students can ask students for help – Powerful tool! Need a question answered? Ask a participating student for advice from someone who has recently been in your shoes!
Plus: Student Forums: Meet other students and participate in a group discussion among your peers! You can also post your recordings and share!
Plus: Chords: Easy formula to make any chord even if you don’t know anything about chords. Everyone wants to know about how to make a chord and what to do with them. The PianoPlus SuperSupportSystem includes this special addendum to the Original Course.
Plus: Scales: Correct fingering and knowing why scales help with playing the piano.
Plus: Online quizzes with instant scoring to help you monitor your comprehension level. Now you can find out for sure, how much you really know! (And what to review!)
Plus: Tips for Success: This is a unique audio area where students submit their own tips to share with everyone! Powerful tips from students who has gone before you.
Plus: Online Progress Journal: By completing this easy 5 question form every week, you will experience the power of accountability to both yourself and to your teacher. (Yes! This will be submitted to Lisa)
Plus: Recital Participation : Online Recitals!
A powerful motivational tool to help you prepare a song to performance level.
Plus: Musical Moments with Lisa: A special area where you can listen or watch your teacher perform and express her thoughts.
Plus: Live Webcast Lessons : Jump start your lessons with both past and live webcast lessons!
Plus: Student Progress Pages : Watch other student progress through the lessons. Real life progress. What can be better to witness first hand what progress “looks” like?
Plus: Share your Performance: Submit your own performances through an online recording studio to share with other students. Get behind your phone mike and discover how well you really know your songs!
Plus: Reality Clips: Unedited specialty videos, interviews and more!
Plus: Media Request: Need a special video or audio? Simply request one.
Plus: Audio Library : A collection of all past webcast sessions, recitals, interviews and piano topics galore!