Introducing the First and Only

Online Piano Academy!

Dear Budding Pianist,

A few short weeks from now you can be playing easy songs, intermediate songs, learning scales, knowing how to build and use chords, and learning the secret to making your songs sound impressive with very little effort!

How is that possible?

Introducing the first, full service Online Piano Academy with an Exclusive Super Support Syswtem even more powerful than learning with a traditional private teacher! Let me repeat what I just said.. I am so excited to tell you that I just have to tell you again..that learning piano with my unique Online Piano Academy is even more powerful than learning with a traditional private teacher!

Did it ever occur to you that something is missing from self teaching products? Let’s me ask you a few more questions that might help you clarify why you really don’t know how to learn how to play the piano yet.

Are you afraid you won’t commit and you’ll quit again?

Are you afraid of choosing the wrong method and waste your money?

Do you believe you need a real live teacher to report to?

You are about to find out how all your fears of learning piano are finally going to dissolve and your decision to start today without hesitation will put you on your way to finally learning how to play the piano!

The difference between possible failure and guaranteed success when teaching yourself on your own is the level of support you receive! Even a private teacher only gives you 30 minutes once a week and that is all! Most products you buy are just that… products you buy, with occasional email support, am I right?

How is my program different? It is my exclusive Full ServiceOnlinePianoAcademy! Program! As astudent of myOnlinePianoAcademyyou will receive high quality education presented by a well qualified instuctor (Lisa), download professionally developed learning materials, interact with classmates, make piano-minded friends, complete assignments, participate in extra curricular activities (including recitals!), and benefit from a huge source of support tools to guarantee your chance of graduating and becoming the pianist you always dreamed of becoming!

Are you feeling the same excitement I feel? If you want to learn how to play the piano, your best chances are here in my exclusiveOnlinePianoAcademy! where you cannot fail – I will see to it!

I started the development of this extraordinary program in 1982 and have never seen it fail a single student. And it will NOT fail you! If you have just a few minutes a day, then you can enjoy playing the piano, just as you imagine it in your dreams. It’s impossible to fail if you participate in my program and do your part – just a few minutes a day and I will provide all the support you need to succeed!

You could be experiencing that in the very near future…playing anything you want, reading real sheet music and be the pianist of your dreams!

And if you have already experienced amazing progress using my free lessons, you know for yourself that it’s 100% fail-proof! and that was without all the support of the academy benefits! Imagine what you can do with a learning environment and tools that will accelerate your progress!

Let’s take a closer look at the OnlinePianoAcademy! :

    • Receive access to my exciting “Rapid-Progress” piano program with over 350 pages of exciting material, easy instruction, motivating music and more:Detailed, narrative and very easy to understand presentation on every page!
      Tried, tested and developed over a period of over 20 years, these lessons have never failed a single student, and they wont’ fail you! This is the core of the Online Piano Academy and the vehicle that will drive you to your dreams of playing the piano!
    • Achieve Beginner through Advanced Playing Skills!Never played the piano? Can’t read music? Then these lessons are for you. Start as a complete beginner and finished like a pro!
      From beginner to advance, you will have fun and enjoy playing songs at all levels!
    • Play The Piano Instantly With Lisa’s Exclusive fast learningInstant Play Songs!If you are a little impatient and want to play something “right now” and you are not yet at the level of reading music that you need to be, then you will enjoy this nice bonus to your piano lessons…Learn these familiar songs in as little as a few minutes to satisfy the urge to play something “right now!”
      Who doesn’t need a little “instant gratification?”
      (Exclusive only to!)
    • Play Your Favorite Songs From Our 50+ Bonus Songs List!Throughout your lessons you will find a variety of familiar songs at different levels of your progress. These special songs will keep your lessons exciting and help keep you motivated and happy! What better way to stay excited about learning piano than to be able to play your favorite songs?

Here are just a few titles you will be learning:
*Angels We have Heard on High, *Joy to the World, *The First Noel, *Away in the Manger, *O Holy Night, *The Blue Danube, *Canon in D, *Fuer Elise, *Kumbaya, *America the Beautiful, *Take me out to the Ball Game, *O Susana, *Red River Valley, *Mexican Hat Dance, *William Tell Overture, *How Great Thou Art, *Nearer My God to Thee,* When the Saints go Marching In, *Amazing Grace, *O Danny Boy, *Battle Hymn of the Republic, *Home on the Range, *Yellow Rose of Texas, *Brahms Lullaby, *Nutcracker March, *Down in the Valley and many more!

  • Access online audio clips that correlate with every lesson song!That’s right – EVERY song is supported with audio clips. If you are not sure if you are playing something correctly, you have access to listening to any song you are trying to play! Invaluable tool when you are teaching yourself!
  • Video Series: Finger ExercisesPlaying finger exercises will help you loosen up your hand and finger muscles, making it easier for you to progress through your songs. Use these exercises alone, or before you practice your songs.
  • Video Series: Proper Fingering TechniquesFingering is probably the single most popular question I get from beginner to advanced students. Fingering is simple with just a few easy rules and teachniques and these videos will show you how to never be stumped about where to put your fingers again!
  • Video Series: How to Play ScalesPlaying scales helps deepen your understanding of what it means to play in different keys. Learn why, how and when to practice scales.
  • Video Series: How to Play Major and Minor ChordsThis video tutorial will help you find any major or minor chord on the piano without a chord diagram. All you need is the formula! No need to memorize each and every chord, just memorize one formula to find them immediately!
  • Online video clips to support challenging spots! If you have the Internet capability to view videos online in Youtube formet, then you will be able to take advantage of using instructional videos for the more challenging spots as you progress further into the lessons.


And NOW…Introducing my Exclusive Super Support System developed just for you and your success, unbelievable support you won’t find anywhere else:

As a Learn Piano Online student, you will never feel left alone! Every student has different needs and therefore every student deserves individualized attention in a variety of ways..

    • Ask a Student Program
      A program where students can ask students for help – a handful of students has volunteered to share their talent with you… peers helping peers is a powerful tool for motivation and learning.
    • Tips for Success
       This is a unique audio area where students submit their own tips to share with everyone! Yes, you will be able to participate in this sharing tool.. in fact, the more you participate the more successful you will be on the piano!
    • Online Progress Journal
      By completing this weekly, 5 question form, you will experience the power of accountability to both yourself and to your teacher.  (Yes! This will be submitted to Lisa)
    • Recital Participation
      A powerful motivational tool to help you prepare a song to performance level. This is optional, but recommend that you participate in at least one performance assignment while you attend the Online Piano Academy. (There are other choices of participation as well)
    • Musical Moments with Lisa
      Studies show that the relationship between a student and teacher can enhance the learning/teaching expereince and create a learning environment condusive to higher success. This is a special area where you can get to know your teacher better through her performances and through expressing her thoughts.
    • Live Webcast Lessons
      A tool that allows live lessons through a webcast page or telephone conference. Monthly topics will range from beginner stages of learning to general and advanced lessons.
    • Student Forums
       For the “forum junky”, a chance to meet other students and participate in a group discussion among your peers! You can even upload video clips and mp3’s!
    • Student Progress Pages
      Watch other student progress through the lessons. Personal student pages with their uploaded piano clips and videos. Another way to share your new talent and be proud of your accomplishments.. great or small!
    • Share your Performance
      Yet another way to share your skills with each other. This is my online recording studio where you will be provided with a recording line to play your performance level songs for everyone to enjoy! ~smile~
    • Giving Piano a Purpose
       Learning piano isn’t just about playing piano!  Learn the full value of playing the piano and how it can change your life.
    • Audio Library
      A collection of all past webcast sessions, recitals, interviews and piano topics galore!
    • Points System Personal Coaching
      Hold yourself accountable by participating in this powerful point system to earn personal evaluation time with Lisa.
    • Weekly Assignments
      Stay focused with weekly emails giving you a specific assignment to complete.  Perfect for monitoring your progress.
  • 4-1 Coaching Circles
    Participate in live, online, on the spot teaching sessions with only 4 other students and your teacher, Lisa.  (Earned with points)

If you want to learn how to play the piano, then this is the place you want to be!
Enroll Today in our Online Piano Academy and start immediately!


Are you ready for a Piano Program that delivers everything you need, including unbelievable support so you can finally be successful?

Enroll Today .. For only pennies a day!

P.S. Did you know that the national average for piano lessons is $25.00every week for a private lesson? I don’t have to tell you that equals $100 a month!
A total of $1200.00 a year!

This is your opporunity…

to finally make your dream come true…

for just pennies a day!

Imagine the surprise you’ll give your family and friends when you sit down at the piano and play a beautiful song! **PRICELESS**

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