This beloved bugle call was written by Union Army Brigadier General Daniel Butterfield in 1862.


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It’s amazing to me how many “want to be piano players” insist that learning a little bit here and a little bit there is enough to piece together and learn how to play the piano. Sure, you can learn a few simple songs, but what is it worth to you to be able to sit down to a piece of sheet music you have never seen before and play it?

The stubborn (and common) attitude of trying to “learn on your own” sadly only produces a lot of piano lesson drop outs. So sad. What I mean by learn on your own is without a complete method to get you from point A to point B.

I don’t know anyone who achieved their full potential without some kind of guidance – do you? Imagine the world without parents, teachers, leaders, coaches, friends and mentors! We need each other to help us with our goals.

If playing the piano is something you really want to do, then it’s time to take a serious step toward reaching that goal and choose a program that will give you step by step guidance and support you can count on.


Stop Struggling with the Piano and Start Playing the Piano!

Here are some things you can expect from our Accelerated Piano Course:

How to Read Sheet Music from Basic Steps to Advanced Playing Skills – The core of the curriculum includes over 300 pages of easy to follow, step by step instruction taking you from beginner through advanced playing skills.

Extensive (And Growing) Video and Audio Library – Access over 430 audio and video clips to double check your progress. Reinforce melody, rhythm and correct fingering. A must!

Action Oriented Student Forums – Meet other students and participate in a group discussion among your peers! You can also post your recordings and share! A favorite among beginners!

Online Progress Journal – By completing this easy 5 question form every week, you will experience the power of accountability to both yourself and to your teacher. (Yes! This will be submitted to Lisa)

Student Progress Pages – Enjoy watching other students progress through the lessons. Real life progress. What can be better to witness first hand what progress “looks” like?

Share your Performance – Submit your own performances through an online recording studio to share with other students. Don’t worry.. it’s optional! ~smile~

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2: Become a member of my Clumsy Piano Finger program and get access to over 80 videos that help you overcome clumsy fingers! ($47)

3: Submit videos or audio of you playing and I will evaluate them and send you a report. ($25 per submission)

4: Participate in accountabilty calls – call in teleseminar style and let us know how you are doing, play for us and ask us questions! ($39 a month coaching program)

5: Choose new songs to learn from our growing list of songs and bundles of songs. (Price varies)

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