These recordings were taken from one of our live online recitals.

Mike Gross playing:

“I have never touched the piano in my life, and in a few minutes I was playing (and singing!) one of my all time favorite songs, Love Me Tender.”

Love Me Tender


Deborah Skeie playing:

“When we bought our home, it came with an old 97 year old piano…I started lessons with Lisa a month ago and I am thrilled to be able to play.”

Ode to Joy

Ken Washington playing:

“Music has always been an important part of my life and I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano..I found Lisa’s lessons and within weeks I was playing recognizable songs! “


Vivian Brown:

“I switched from using another course to using Miss Lisa’s course to teach my 4 grandchildren, Anthony, Andrew, Kobe, and Nelson. The knowledge they have gained enables them to read other music without my guidance. “

Listen to my grandchildren below:


Kobe Brown playing:

“At first, reading music looks hard, but then once you know it, it gets easy . “

Ancient America

Nelson Brown playing:

“My favorite part of the lessons is the songs, they sound good, and I like it when it gets challenging. “


Anthony Smith playing:

“I am learning piano because one day I want to be able to play in a band or concert. “

Ode to Joy

Andrew Smith playing:

“My favorite part is the chords and the sounds they make! “

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Saurabh Agarwal playing:

“I never thought learning piano would be this easy. Lisa has done a great job preparing this ground breaking, easy to learn syllabus. Kudos to you, dear teacher! “

Oldies Tune


Min Yi playing:

“I have always wanted to learn piano since I was a little girl…6 months ago I never thought this was possible.”

God Bless America