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Everything You Need to Know About Online Piano Lessons

Everything You Need to Know About Online Piano LessonsThere is a lot to know about taking piano lessons, which method would be best for you, how to choose between online or live, how to choose a teacher, will online lessons work for you, etc. My name is Eliza Steeple, and I will be your coach as you begin your journey to learning the most amazing instrument on the planet. You will find joy and satisfaction in expressing yourself on the piano – but that will depend on finding the right match for you.

Questions You Should be Asking When Choosing an Online Piano Lesson Program

While searching for online piano lessons, you are probably not thinking about the questions you should be asking. I put together 10 of the most important questions for you to be asking to determine the value of the online program you might be considering.All questions are answered objectively to give you the freedom to make a decision on your own as you explore different online lesson programs.

Should I learn how to read music or learn to play by ear?

There are many ways to learn how to play the piano. I am going to tell you about the 3 most common ways to learn piano, so you can choose the method that fits your goals and fits your personality. The top three ways to learn piano are:
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What are the advantages of online lessons?

As you know, I am both an online piano teacher and an offline piano teacher. After teaching extensively both ways, surprisingly, I can honestly tell you that I see many more advantages with learning online. Keep in mind however that what I just said is only true with a program that has every component it needs to give you all the advantages.

Here are the top 10 advantages of online lessons:

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With so many programs to choose from, how do I compare and know which one is best for me?

When comparing piano lessons online, look for what makes that program different from another. It may look like all methods are the same, especially when you don’t know what you are looking for. The following information is going to be very valuable to your success in choosing a robust learning program. Stay with me because l am going to tell you why, content is not the number one thing you will be looking for.
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What kind of piano teacher help and support is provided?

Learning how to read music and play the piano is a very detailed process and combines a lot of different skills and new information together. When you are learning how to play the piano, you will need not only email support, but you will need a variety of other ways to get your questions answered. It is true, that a well written course covers many questions, but having real live support can help clarify specific things where you are not certain.
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How do you know how long a piano lesson program will remain online to give you the continual support you need?

This is a good question. Because learning piano takes time, you will want to minimize the chance that the program you choose won’t disappear on you in a few weeks. I have seen it happen, so buyer beware!
ANYONE can sell a piano program online! That means you can too! What does that tell you? Unfortunately, this can cause piano teaching products to go on the market and be low quality
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