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Is This You?

  • Do you believe it’s too late to learn piano?

  • Do you believe you’re not talented enough?

  • Do you believe you don’t have enough time to practice?

  • Do you watch other pianists and dream about yourself playing like that?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to instill a new belief!

You absolutely CAN learn piano no matter your age, no matter how busy you are and even if you think you aren’t talented enough.

If you can follow simple instructions and find 10 minutes a day, you CAN play piano!

How Will Our Free Membership Benefit You?

So glad you asked!

First – when you enroll in the free membership program, you will get your own unique password and username so you can have your own personal piano lesson account.

Once you login, you will find access to the first 3 levels of the 12 level program.  You have 30 days to use them before they expire!  As you complete the lessons within those levels, you will earn points!  So what’s the big deal about points?   You get to spend them!   Use the like real money in what we call the “Add-On” outlet to add more item such as sheet music, mini courses, etc to your membership area.

What happens after your 3 levels expire?  Good news!  You keep your free membership,  you keep the points that you earned and you can spend those points in the add-on outlet for items you can download and own forever!

So.. you may be wondering.. why only 30 days with the first 3 levels and what about levels 4-12?  Well,  if you take advantage of going through the first 3 levels and you love what you are learning and you feel like the way we present concept is just the right fit for you, you can upgrade to release the rest of the course.   If not, we understand and you can keep the free membership and the items you unlocked!

One of the greatest benefits of being a free member is that you can join our exclusive Piano Partner FB group where you can make friends with others who are learning and get motivated with posts full of tips and even upload your own performances for feedback!

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Thank you so much for these free lessons I have been doing other lessons but as you have said these are much simpler and it is making learning the piano a whole lot easier than I could have imagined. Unfortunately however I bought another piano course online which included six books but I am struggling with them as they aren’t as well put together or as easy as I find yours. I just wanted you to know that you are correct when you state that yours is simple for anyone who has never tried to play piano before. Thank you once more

Gavin, Australia

I wish to thank you and congratulate you for the good work you are doing. My desire to learn piano was finally realized with the help of your program. I have tried various other programs but I must say yours is the ʽbestʼ. It is indeed a delight to get to know the useful tricks to read notes sooner and your personal touch to encourage each student to be committed and at the same time to enjoy whatever they are doing. Thank you for making this course available online for everyone to benefit from it.

Ruth Renetha

Your lessons changed my life! Truly. I had always wanted to play piano – – and even owned an heirloom piano from my father in law. I started with your lessons while my, at the time, 12 month old daughter was undergoing chemotherapy for bilateral wilm’s disease, a rare form of kidney cancer. Those were dark days for us and was an unimaginably difficult time. However, learning how to play the piano during that time was, and continues to be my stress reliever and outlet. I am truly grateful for the program that you have put together. It got me through the worst days of my life.

Mary Docter Garcia, Wisconsin

More About Our Proven Program

Still Need Help Deciding?

There are so many choices for learning piano on the internet these days.  It’s very hard to choose.

The good news is that its a great time to be alive when piano lessons are both more accessible and more affordable than private lessons, and in many cases, more effective!

Here are some common questions that we get asked that may help you decide on whether or not you want to try the free lessons and eventually consider upgrading.

What makes our program unique?
Being both an online piano teacher and an offline piano teacher for over 30 years combined, I have learned exactly what self-learning students need to be successful, and it’s quite different from being taught by a live teacher.

Sadly, not every course out there has figured that out yet.

It’s not about getting the best  “professionalized” information.

It’s not about being taught by a concert pianist, or a celebrity musician.

If you really, I mean really want learn how to play piano, wouldn’t you want to be presented with small bits on information that you can learn and apply without the overwhelming confusion of too much info (and too too much too soon theory)?

The truth is, I myself find myself getting tired of teachers  and courses and even popular piano books that  assumed that the student “should already know” certain concepts, or can handle a lot of information.

Not everyone know how to teach.  Not every course is created equal.   I know I am taking a bit of time getting to the point here, but I want you to know that the uniqueness in these lessons is in the very specific sequence in which a self-learner (like you) is presented new concepts. And those concepts are broken down even further than what a traditional course does so that a self learner can easily understand small bits of information without a live teacher guiding you.

You may think that this uniqueness is a “given” or “expected” in all courses – that is soooo far from the truth.  I started offering online piano lessons in 1996, before anyone else!  Yes, I was the first!   And I found out quite quick that I needed to edit the lessons specifically for the adult learner who is learning without the guidance of a “live” teacher.

I revised the lessons to be very specific about when to present a concept and how to present it to avoid bad habits forming. Each time a student asked a question, I re-structured the concept in the lesson material until the reason for that question no longer existed.

You are in good hands with these lessons, they were developed with you, the self-learner, in mind!


Can I learn piano using free YouTube videos?
You may be wondering if after you use the free lesson trial if you can continue learning piano by utilizing the hundreds of YouTube videos that are available for free!  That’s a good question.  The answer is yes and no.   Of course you can learn from any tutorial, information is information and if its information you didn’t know before, then you gain something from it!

However, information is not the same as transformation.  Learning piano is like learning a language, if you want to be proficient with playing piano from reading sheet music, (which is what our course is based on), then you need to learn concepts in a very specific order so that you can build one concept upon the next.

Imagine if you didn’t know how to speak English, and you went around the internet trying to piece things together not knowing what you need to learn first. That would be an overwhelming task and one that will leave you thinking you aren’t ever going to learn English!  That’s what happens to people trying to learn piano without a well thought out course.  They eventually give up thinking it lack of talent or they feel “too dumb” to understand.   Don’t let this be you!  Choose a course and save yourself some time and preserve your self confidence!


How will I know if this piano lesson course is a perfect match for me?
The absolute best way to know if you will  love our easy step by step approach, is to enroll in the free membership and try out the lessons.

Once you are enrolled, you will be invited to Join the Piano Partner FB Group.  Once joined, check out our  enthusiastic, super friendly community of piano students to experience what kind of support and motivation you will receive.

Next, make sure you go through the first 3 levels within the 30 day window so you can earn points as you complete pages.   Spend your points like real money on items like Sheet Music, Finger Exercises, and Mini Courses.

After the 30 days is over, ask yourself if the lessons are presented in a way that is both easy to understand and enjoyable.   Ask yourself if you feel like you will get the support you will need.  And finally ask yourself if you feel you can really make progress with these lessons and finally become the pianist you want to become.

That’s it!  That’s how you will know, first hand!



What kind of piano teacher help and support is provided?
Learning how to read music and play the piano is a very detailed process, and combines many different skills with the challenges of learning something new.  It is important that you have access to support as you are learning such a complex skill.

We have different levels of support depending on your membership status.  As a free user, while you are in the first 3 levels, you have email support.  Emails are answered within the day!

As an upgraded member, you will continue to have email support, plus FB group support where you can actually upload video clips of your songs for feedback.

And.. we also have an evaluations program where you upload all your assignments as you go and get detailed feedback, as if you have a live teacher!

So, depending on your needs, you have support all along the way!  You are never left alone!


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