How This Unique Course Evolved

“My dream as a little girl was to be a piano teacher and to teach everyone in the world!”

My name is Eliza Steeple and I am your online piano teacher.  You will see me referring to myself as Lisa, which is how most of my friends and family know me.

I have been teaching piano since 1982 (just out of high school) and I absolutely love it! I am a piano teacher at heart.
I love watching the light in a students eyes when something new is understood. I find great joy in assisting and watching my students develop their skills with success!

My life has been spent teaching piano and developing a curriculum that works for everyone no matter how young, how old, or how uncoordinated you might think you are.

How this incredible curriculum evolved:.

When I started teaching, I taught out of the traditional piano books. As I taught, I found that the sequence in which concepts were presented did not make sense to a beginner. However, I taught out these books because I assumed the authors knew better than I did.

Soon, I realized I had frustrated students who were making very slow progress, and eventually losing interest. I found myself altering the music, assigning pages out of order, skipping some pages all together and in the end, felt very frustrated myself.

Needless to say, I started writing curriculum to accommodate the learning needs of each student.

What happened next was truly a blessing. My students started learning faster than I thought possible. My own curriculum surprised me! Since then, I have developed a refined system, I like to refer to as a “rapid-progress” system that works for everybody! This system has never failed me or my students in all the years I have used it.

This method is based on my most challenging student, yet intuitive enough for fast learner as well.

Every time a student did not understand something, I revised it. I revised and revised until I feel I have eliminated all the confusion associated with traditional piano lessons. This curriculum represents REAL LIFE learning experiences. I made it so simple that ANYONE will be able to understand it. Needless to say, it was not developed overnight. I simplified and revised literally hundreds of times, over many years. In fact, I still make changes whenever I feel like something can be better!

How is this curriculum different?

The sequence in which I present new concepts will actually accelerate your progress! The sequence makes sense. One concept builds upon the next concept. You apply these new concepts to a song and you feel successful immediately!

When did I start giving lessons online?

I started to offer piano lessons online in 1997. It was actually meant for my students to have access to some of the material from home in between lessons. However, I started receiving emails from people who happened upon my website and were not my students, and one thing led to another….

When Disney’s Family Fun Magazine contacted me and told me that after reviewing many piano lesson sites, they chose my site to include in a music education article, I was astounded! My site? My lessons?

I never dreamed I would be offering my lessons to students all around the world, and complimented by one of the leading educators of the world – Walt Disney!

The curriculum offered on this website is the result of years of revisions to accommodate literally hundreds of students of all ages and of all learning abilities and disabilities.

Count yourself among the lucky to have found piano lessons that was written especially for you, the absolute beginner!

Good luck with your lessons!

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