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Immediate Access – No Waiting*

Immediate access to all the lessons without waiting for the weekly release! Progress as fast as you want or take your time. *Not included in payment plan, though payment plan will release the lessons at a faster rate.

Remove Lesson Expiration

This is our most popular add-on feature! This add-on removes the two week expiration which gives you unlimited time to practice!

Downloadable Lesson Pages

Even though your free membership gives you online access to your lessons, it’s always nice to have the option to print them and keep them in a binder for easy access.

57 Lesson Assignments

These lessons are conveniently organized into 57 weekly assignments based on how much the average student can learn in a session! Take the guess work out of how much to assign yourself!

105 Lesson Assignments

Like the 57 assignments, these additional 48 assignments, totaling 105, continue on into the more advanced concepts and again are organized so that you can’t sabotage your progress by doing too much at a time. You are well taken care of with me!

Live Webinars

Real live streaming video lessons are a common activity in our piano community – this add-on will allow you to be invited to all the fun extras!

Advanced Levels

This add-on feature gives you another year of assignments, taking you even further into technique, rhythm, key changes and more!

Advanced Sheet Music Club

Advance your skills further with this growing collection of advanced music including pieces like Moonlight Sonata, Ave Maria, a variety of Christmas music, and more!

Payment Plan

Payment plan is available for Essentials and Premium Add-Ons!